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Posted over 8 years ago by Karen Jones

I have heard from Ian that the quarterly FMDA town meeting is going to be held in February 23rd, 2013 in Ft Lauderdale.  I know at first we had discussed Ocala to follow along with FMDA to get a better respose but now the meeting has been changed and I would like to get the  Board's opinion on whether we should change our meeting to coincide with FMDA or have our own meeting and where?  Point one; is if we go to Lauderdale, we might draw in from a new south Fl base or we could do our own meeting somewhere else(suggestions), pay for it ourselves, (IE: meeting room etc or have  pharma help), we could even do it in west palm and then if anyone wanted to go to lauderdale they are close.  We have never done south florida and there is a huge base there and maybe Deb could help us draw from this.  I suggest that we have a quick board meeting to discuss.  How does next wednesday, Dec 19th sound to all at about 730pm?  Any comments are appreciated.  Once we decide, we can post and then move on.  Looking forward to hearing from y'all and I promise to check my email, i know i am bad about that!


Debra Hain over 8 years ago

I think it is a good idea. I had some members ask if we were going to have a meeting here. If I know that we are going to do this I will start spreading the word to SE Florida members

Debra Hain over 8 years ago

Dec 19th would be good

Michelle Lewis over 8 years ago

I agree. We seem to get a better response when our meetings are further south. I am available for a board meeting as well. From Michelle

Jo Ann Fisher over 8 years ago

Let's just plan to have a board meeting before the town hall meeting in the afternoon? The six of us could have a catch up meeting on Rondee to plan what we want to decide on at the board meeting and present to the group at large? For example Valerie can give us an update on Paypal, I have info on Tax status.

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