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Medical Opposition to NP Scope of Practice in Florida

Posted over 7 years ago by Jo Ann Fisher

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Important!  There has always been a strong attempt by FMA and FOMA to discredit NPs regarding Scope of Practice (SOP) and a recent emails went out from FMA to their members asking them to contact their representatives to vote NO to House Bill 7113. They did so for Senate Bill 1352 as well.  They were unsuccessful and both Bills are out of committee.  Please ask your physicians to contact their legisltors to voice their support.  THIS IS THE TIME TO GET ACTIVE! A simple comment like the one below can be sent to both Representatives and Senators

I am a physician practicing in Florida and received an email from the FMA asking me to oppose this bill.

I write because I am in FAVOR of giving ARNPs the right to prescribe controlled substances and disagree strongly with our position as the ONLY state that does not recognize their ability to fully participate in patient care. I support the passage of HB 7113. (SB 1352)

Thank You Physicians who have taken the time to support us!


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