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Preceptors needed for GNP students summer 2012

Posted over 9 years ago by Jo Ann Fisher

 Dear Colleagues,

I am in DESPERATE need of GNP preceptors for this summer, all over Central Florida.

I am teaching a free standing Gerontology course for NP students, at UCF, this summer. I have 50 students who need a geriatric preceptor. Your help is DESPERATELY needed. Students can precept in a Family Practice or Internal Medicine office if the patient population is heavily geriatric. ALF and SNF practices are also very appropriate.

It can be a struggle to convince students that a geriatric practice can be very rewarding. With your help we can increase the number of geriatric NPs.....which we need so badly.

Anyone who is interested can contact me directly at debra.hunt@ucf.edu or 352-250-0073.

Thank you,
Debi Hunt, PhD, GNP, FNP
Assistant Professor
UCF College of Nursing


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