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Controlled Substance Prescribing Update

Posted about 5 years ago by Jo Ann Fisher

FL GAPNA encourages all NPS to stay informed.  Find out if there are deadlines to apply. Find out if you DO NOT have to prescribe controlled substances if you choose to apply for licenses.   We are partnered with FMDA which is a medical organization who can meet the CME requirements of the bill.  After the committee has determined a formulary and we know more specifics moving forward, we welcome other organization, including PA organizations, to partner with us in providing a curriculum that will meet the requirements of this bill.   The following is a posting from the South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses, Inc  

Important-Registering for Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
Posted about 2 hours ago by Vicky Stone-Gale

As we move forward into putting the Barbara Lumpkin Controlled Substance Bill into effect in January 2017, it is recommended that you sign up for EFORCSE (Electronic Florida Online Reporting of Controlled Substances Evaluation). This is the web-based program that facilitates the collection, storage, maintenance, and analysis of controlled substance dispensing data. EFORSCE collects and stores dispensing data for controlled substances in schedules II, III, and IV. To date, only 1900 out of 20,944 total Florida licensed ARNPs are currently registered in EFORCSE. This represents only 9.1% of our profession that are actually using this valuable reporting system. I encourage you to register in the system now and familiarize yourself with it. Even though it is not required, and you do not have a DEA number yet and the physician does, you can still use this on all patients that come into your practice requesting medication refills on controlled substances. When you begin prescribing these medications, you will want to access it for your patients on a regular basis. It would be great to have all of our ARNP licensees registered on the site.

To enroll in EFORCSE go to:


Vicky Stone-Gale, DNP, FNP
President, South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses, Inc.


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